Wedding Gobos

Project pure elegance on your special day!

Dazzle everyone at your wedding as you dance the night away on your personalized monogrammed dance floor. Gobos To Go can help you personalize you wedding reception by making a custom glass gobo that will project onto your dance floor or a wall at your banquet facility. Our professionally trained graphic designers will help you choose the perfect gobo for your event. If you already have a monogram, logo or a graphic from your invitations for your event we can work with that also*. Once the big day arrives one of our lighting professionals will deliver and install your light and position your gobo perfectly. Whether you choose the elegant black and white gobo, greyscale or the premium full color gobo, Gobos To Go is there to satisfy. We pride ourselves on making your special day a day everyone will remember!

Elegant Black and White
black and white
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A B&W gobo is tasteful and simple to order. This gobo is perfect for names, initials and simple drawings. The black & white gobo will make your bridesmaids and all onlookers envious as you dance under your name in lights.

Stylish Grayscale
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The Grayscale gobo is an affordable method of displaying your wedding invitation or a picture of a loved one who is deceased. We hope that your bridesmaid dresses are green, because their faces will match the color of their dresses as they will be green with envy from the spectacular image that this gobo will supply.

Sophisticated Full Color
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There are few other ways, which a bride’s father could say he loves his little girl than by purchasing a Sophisticated Full Color Gobo. This gobo has outstanding detail and will definitely make your wedding day one to remember.

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