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To ensure the highest quality proofs, we use the PDF format extensively.
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Preparing Your Artwork

We can accept artwork from nearly all sources. We strongly recommend sending EPS or Adobe Illustrator (AI) files. These formats retain artwork as line-art instead of pixel-based bitmap images like JPG, GIF or BMP. By using line-art instead of bitmap art, the shapes and text will remain extremely crisp with no pixilation when enlarged.

You can also send us photographic images. Please supply the highest resolution available for your artwork unless you supply line-art files. The desired resolution is 1200 dpi but lower resolutions will also work. However, if the resolution of the image is too low (a logo from a website for example) then it may look pixilated and the image will have to be redrawn. For an example of pixilation, see the examples below.

The maximum resolution that we need is 1200 DPI with dimensions of 60mm x 60mm. You can also send a 72 DPI jpg with
the dimensions of 1000mm x 1000mm.

You can download our gobo templates listed below. To download, right click on the link and select Download Link To Disk.

Image file formats that are accepted:
PSD, AI, bmp, gif, jpg, eps, pdf, pcx, pict, png, targa, tiff, ai

We recommend that you send us EPS or AI files made from Adobe Illustrator for company logos to get the best resolution. The benefit of using these line-art file formats is that they can be resized and not lose any detail and the lines and curves will have no jagged edges.

Example Of Pixilation

Pixilation occurs when a pixel based bitmap image is enlarged or zoomed in. The individual pixels are enlarged and become much more noticable the more the image is enlarged. When projecting images with light fixtures the projected image usually becomes very large. If low resolution images are used for gobos, the quality of the projected image can look extremely poor.


To the right is an example of a bitmap image of a circle at 1200 DPI. When zoomed in at 300% the image remains crisp and sharp.

Zoom = 100%

Zoom = 300%

72 DPI

Here we have a bitmap image of a circle with only 72 DPI. At 100% the circle looks similar to the quality of the 1200 DPI circle. Looking at the same 72 DPI image at 300% we can clearly see the degradation of image quality. This example shows what happens to your images when projected.

Zoom = 100%

Zoom = 300%